Reference arrangements

Some other examples of successful arrangements we have carried out together with our clients:
  • Trenter outing in Stockholm with Bang & Olufsen. During a December day, we experienced the Stockholm of the famous Trenter detective stories of yesteryear. With the books´ hero, photographer Harry Friberg, as our guide, we sampled excerpts from the Trenter books as well as famous menus from the books. Here a snapshot from the Citadel at Kastellholmen (important spot in "The Crier", classic Trenter novel from 1954).
  • Kick-sled outing on the ice of Lake Mälaren for an international group from Ericsson. With the age-old traditional Swedish ice vehicle, the kick-sled, everybody can take part – fantastic teambuilding. If we want to go "off-pist" in deeper snow, we mount skis on the sleds. If there is neither ice nor snow, we affix wheels – tremendous fun!
  • Together with CellNetwork we ventured east with veteran aircraft to the Estonian islands of Hiumaa and Saaremaa. Historic outings in the footsteps of the earlier Swedish inhabitants, Estonian smoke sauna, traditional food and walks on the islands. We were the first, after the Russian occupation in 1710, to sing Swedish drinking songs again in the Saaremaa Bishop´s Palace.
  • Three-day spring ski trip with McKinsey to Låktatjåkko, Sweden´s highest located hotel.
    Ski climbing with ski fells, glaciology, sleeping in traditional Sami tents, reindeer dinner and telemark skiing all the way home.
Give us a ring. We will sort it all out. Together, we will create remarkable results.

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